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The Company
ImageFor over a century the "PELLACINI SERGIO & Figli s.a.s." Company has been leader in manufacturing machinery and complete plants for the technological processing of tomatoes, fruits, legumes and vegetables.
Our company is namely specialized in machinery and plants for the production of:

  • Tomato concentrate, "passata", pizza sauce, tomato pulps and dices
  • Tomato paste by-products such as: ketchup, hot-sauce and different sauces
  • Fruit creams and pulps, nectars and non-carbonated drinkable juices, jams, and concentrates (from fruits at temperate or tropical climate)
  • Vegetable sauces, pepper-sauces, baby-food, canned legumes

Pellacini co. is also manufacturing :

  • Aseptic filling-machines of one-head or two-head type, for: liquid, thick and semithick products, fragmented products, fruit and tomato dices with dimensions till 25 mm, into flexible aseptic bags by 200 kg (Bag-in-Drum) or 1000 kg (Bag-in-Bin), or into WEB bags by 5-10-20 kg
  • Sterilizing autoclaves for products(vegetables, fish) which are packaged in cans, glass or plastic containers.
  • Continuous multi-effect evaporators for thermosensitive products

The "Pellacini" company is well-known and well-estimeed all over the world for the most-advanced technology of its plants, its machinery quality, the post-sale assistance and its own capacity to meet its customer's specific exigences.

The Pellacini's technology is extremely flexible, reliable, of simple maintenance, updated and present not only in the Italian market but also in the main international markets (for instance in several countries of Europe, South America, North Africa, Middle East and recently also in the Far East) either directly or through several consulting engineering and contracting companies.

Thanks to a long and consolidated experience, "Pellacini" has been one of the first companies in Italy which has studied, manufactured and improved the first sterilization and aseptic filling systems in presterilized bags according to the most restrictive international standards.

Faithful to its own traditions which show it always in the first line in the constant research of new technological solutions, the "Pellacini" Company keeps on bringing its contribution to the FOOD PROCESSING field with the most important andqualified preserved food industries, as confirmation of a modern and reliable technology which continues to obtain consents all over the world.

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